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I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Nowhere and everywhere it seems. Except here. Where I want to be and need to be. I totally got overwhelmed and lost my way. I’m sorry. This is the year that all my loved ones have decided to visit Denver. It’s been so great to see everyone, and so long since I’ve seen them in some instances that I just couldn’t slip away for a few hours and cook and take pictures and write. I know I could of written about what I was doing but I have to try that out a few times before I’m comfortable posting here. I’ve had a few oral surgery things to deal with, and honestly, a wonderful vacation with Prince Charming.

Somewhere between all of that, I missed the summer. All that beautiful golden sunlight slid right through my fingers leaving just a soft shiny powder to blow off my fingers and watch it float away on the fall breeze.

The crisp air and changing light have got me motivated. There are things I need to get done before the snow starts to fly and we snuggle in the for winter. Small things, easy things, things to freeze and store away so that those cold evenings don’t feel so far away from the balmy, sweet breezes we’re missing. I’ll be back. Promise. With fresh butter to make, and duck to confit, and pastry fixin’s to freeze. A few things to take care of and in a few days I’ll be here to play. I’ll be looking for you!

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