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Another day of rain here in Denver.  Fall has arrived, and not a gloriously colorful, graceful entrance.  Cold, wet, and dreary just plopped down in your lap. What you want to eat and cook changed dramatically in the past few days.  Baking, braising, and generally having the oven on and filling the house with warmth and things that smell good is where most of us want to be.  Apples will be the fruit we’ll be picking up and eating out of hand, filling cakes and pastries with, and slipping in next to onions and roasting.  This cake a great transition piece, easy to make and even easier to eat.  What makes it rustic? Well, there’s nothing pretentious about this cake.  It’s craggy and crumbly, studded with nuts, packed with apple pieces, and warmly fragrant with spices. There’s no frosting, or filling, and nothing dainty and petite about it.  It’s pretty great no matter when you eat it.  Warm and fresh out of the oven or the next day for breakfast (you know I’m the president of the Cake for Breakfast club).  It’s wonderful with tea in the afternoon, or even dolloped with rummy whipped cream.  It would be a wonderful gift for a neighbor or friend although I’m pretty sure you’re not going to want to part with it.  Make two!


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