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A mistake has been made.  Risotto is not difficult.  When I ask people about risotto the first thing they all most always say is “I love risotto!”.  When I ask them if they’ve made it I’ve gotten an almost angry “What? Are you kidding?” to a furtive side-eyed, foot shuffling “Well, no.”  The consensus is that it’s too difficult to make at home, they don’t have the cooking skills for that dish, it should be enjoyed in a restaurant on special occasions.  Bah!  Not true.  If you can stir a pot and pay attention for a few minutes at a time you can make risotto.  You should be making risotto.  All kinds of it.  It is such a comfort food, right up there with mashed potatoes and chocolate milk.  (Seriously, every couple of years don’t you just have to buy one of the little containers with the brown cows on it, shake it up, and chug it?) There is no secret handshake, no closely guarded ancient recipe.  Buy the right rice, keep your heat at a slow simmer, and stir often.  And yes, before you ask, this is another sq _ _ h recipe.  It will be refered to only as butternut (code name: The Big B) so as not to incite a “Not another sq _ _h recipe!  Let’s get her!” riot.  We won’t say the “S” word, and Big B is in the house.


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