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Things are complicated these days.  Life has gotten busier, faster, bigger.  We are all so intent on flying around and through our lives as quickly as possible that we have books, television programs, and magazines devoted to telling us how to slow and simplify, classes to teach us to breathe, and therapists to force us to relax.  While they have a point, they seem to forget how much we and everyone else expects us to do in a single day.  I totally understand.  I know, I get it.  There are times that I worry over worrying.  Craziness abounds.  But I’ve got your back.  At least for this one small recipe.  This is minimum effort, maximum results.  It tastes like you spent a long time stirring and seasoning, channeling an italian nonna from long ago.  Ha! E’ la magia!  You might even have a bit of time to breathe.


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