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Finocchio.  Italian for Fennel.  But I think of it in my head as “Fin-noch”, as the person who introduced me to it was Sicilian, and they seem to have a habit of dropping the last vowels from words.  She served it in thin wedges, often just handed to you, after a meal as a digestive.  “Mangia, Mangia, the fin-noch, hace la calma de estomago.”  The fennel calms the stomach.  I have no idea if there’s any truth to it, but she believed it did, so we did.  It did seem to make just a bit more room in there for cannoli.  Fennel has made itself known on a much wider scale now. You can buy it in almost any grocery store, and find hundreds of ways to cook and prepare it.  I’m a bit stuck in a rut  with it, repeating favorite preparations over again and again.  I love it sliced thinly into salads, and am crazy for a softly braised version I do, and this one.  But I almost always cut a bit off to nibble on while I’m cooking, you know, to “calma de estomago”.


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