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I’ve gone a little tart crazy this past weekend. It’s late August, the peaches have been rolling in, the plums, there’s figs at the market. So much choice a girl could lose her head just a bit. Somehow, I’m not sure exactly why, but I ended up with a bag of the last of the cherries in my grocery cart. I bought a little tired and worse for the ride cherries from the grocery store. Hmmmm, and huh? Okay then. I thought they should have a wonderful final ride, and I had a party to cook for, so I started looking for a suitable finale for them. There were traditional cherry pie recipes, individual cherry tarts, cherry macaroon bars (maybe)  and cherry macaroon tarts.  They weren’t exactly what I was looking for but they inspired me to try my own version.  More of a traditional macaroon filling, moist and sweet, with whole fresh cherries.  I have a tart dough that I love working with that’s so adaptable, I thought I just might have a hit.  I was right.  I even think that this might be great with frozen bing cherries, that you defrost and then soak with some amaretto for a bit before using.  If you see some of these last cherries anywhere, I’d try this tart.  It would be a fitting last hurrah for them.


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