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Photo Credit: Jeff Martinez

Close by me, on my way to and back from many things, is a new eatery called Syrup.  As the name suggests they serve breakfast and lunch and you should go in and check them out. I sat down with the Chef, Tom Willis, to talk a bit about the concept and direction of the new place, and I think you would have enjoyed talking to him as well.  Before we get into that, the space has been completely redone. There are contemporary colors of spring green, brown and white, the furniture is freshly painted, and all the natural light coming through the windows makes the whole place glow. Syrup has an open kitchen where you can see your food as it comes up, and watch the cooking dance of the chefs. The idea, say Chef Tom, is to make classic comfort food yet update it and make it exciting.

Photo Credit: Jeff Martinez

Yeah, you can have pancakes, but you can have them any way you want them, with any of the (as of now) six different infusion syrups they have.  They make all of them in-house, with flavors like apple-cinnamon, buttermilk, and honey-agave. They also do a cool little thing, they have breakfast apps!  Fruit kabob, beignets, a basket of little muffins.  Great for sharing with your friends while you wait for the rest of your meal.  Everything they make there is made from scratch, and they hope to have around 10 different syrups by the end of the summer with a line of preserves and conserves to go along with them.


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