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How many holiday parties have you attended already?  It’s December 9th.  Thinking about it,  it’s just about half way through the time for all the festive drinks, nibbles, and potlucks.  If you’re anything like me, I’m already looking for things to save time, be super easy and stress free.  The things I put out for my  much-loved family and friends has to be good.  The food I bring to other’s homes has to get there intact, look great, and above all…taste good.  These stuffed and wrapped dates are pure simplicity, so much so that I feel a bit silly telling you about them ’cause I’m sure you know all about them.  And make them.  But, but, in case there’s one person who reads this and doesn’t know about them, I feel the need to share.  All of these are fast, fool-proof, and incredibly good.  The bacon wrapped version are so good that you see caterers serving them all year long at fancy parties.  They’ve been served as a passed hors d’oeuvre at both my parents 50th anniversary party and my sister’s wedding.  They were sent into the bridal party to keep us all from fainting from the caterer knowing they were a favorite of ours.  The pecan stuffed, powder sugared ones my southern grandmother made at the holidays.  I remember them on a milk glass lacy edged plate. Cream cheese and walnut?  Directly adapted from my childhood memories of mom spreading cream cheese on thick, moist date nut bread and being surprised that a small bite could fill your whole mouth with flavor and richness.  Marzipan stuffed ones.  Yep, marzipan.  For Prince Charming, as I know no other who loves marzipan more than him.  Try it out.  Bring them to the next party.  Pile them on small plates and set them around the room at your next gathering. Everyone will be happy.


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