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It’s fall.  Not just the beginning, leaves are turning, crispy apple, time to get another blanket fall.  Fall as in warm scarfs, the first snow has already fallen, Thanksgiving is almost here fall.  Some of us are already mourning the summer’s bountiful gifts and getting used to turning on the oven every other day to cook.  The fruit and produce sections of the grocery are decidedly muted with the autumn colors of deep red, and green and orange.  Apples and pears, hard-shelled squash and potatoes abound, calling out for roasting.  And you know how I feel about roasting.  Happy faces all around!  All these lovely things to chop and season and stuff into hot ovens, making your whole house smell delicious and filling your belly with soft  warmth.  Late fall has always been a particularly lovely time, a celebratory time.  The harvest is in, the cupboards are filled, and we start to gather and settle ourselves.  I seem to be home more now, and thoughts of the coming holidays and gathering of friends and family are occupying my thoughts.  While I’m curled on the sofa, planning and dreaming, a bowl of this pear crisp, warm and fragrant is a fabulous thing to be holding.  Pears are at their best right now, and this crisp shows their creamy, melting side off.  If you make this once, I’m sure you’ll make it again.  I have pears on the counter again, waiting their turn.


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