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As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have an addiction problem.  Tomatoes, especially heirloom tomatoes.  Totally addicted to them.  This time of year is a particularly heady time for me, the tomatoes are rolling in from the fields, everyone’s backyard, rooftop, and balcony plants are dripping tomatoes.  The choices are almost overwhelming, what to do, what to make, which to eat?  I personally am a purist. Sliced and salted is my method of choice.  But, I’m also totally in love with heirlooms and burrata cheese, as you’ve seen before.  As I stood before the counter with these beauties in front of me, leaning yet again towards the simplest preparations, this time a caprese salad, I remembered the box of puff pastry languishing in the freezer. Hmmmmm….caprese tart.  That could work.  That totally could work.  So here it is, something different to do with those tomatoes you’ve got sitting on your counter. Different, but familiar.  You’ll know this one as soon as you start!


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