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I love reading cooking magazines and cookbooks.  I’m completely fascinated with people and the food they make and eat.  I especially like the stories that usually accompany the oft used and well-loved recipes we all keep tucked away.  You know the ones, where the cookbook falls open to the most splattered page, the faded, hastily penciled scrap of paper, or the one you can make while humming, or talking because your hands just know what to do without too much thought.  This recipe will become one of those for me.  It comes from an article in Food and Wine magazine about a group of men (The FourCoursemen) in Athens, Georgia whose love of cooking and food brought them together to cook, and who now host an underground supper club.  I’ve always wanted to attend one of those dinners, and I found their journey and recipes inspiring.  This recipe jumped out at me.  I love spaghetti squash, but I’ve found my approach to making it rather limited, the usual tomato sauce, or just butter and parmesan, occasionally mixed in with other veggies.  But this recipe had me thinking. I didn’t make his recipe verbatim, but followed his general lead and OMG!  I can’t wait to make it as he created it, because my little simplified version is just super. His full scale version must be spectacular. I was talking to my sister on the phone while I was mixing it all together and taking the pictures.  I finally got to put a bite in my mouth and I’m pretty sure I actually moaned and made unintelligible sounds for a minute.  I’m also pretty sure that she’ll be making this tomorrow due to listening to that reaction!  As soon as I was off the phone I sat right down and ate almost half of it. Seriously, make this.  I think you’ll find that spaghetti squash will be a fixture in your house.  I know that it will be in mine.


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