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And we’re back.  Long overdue, with not an absence note in hand, nor a good excuse to be found. Sorry about that. I’m starting out easy, getting back into the rhythm, getting the mojo back. I’ve missed all of you. This is my go to recipe for veggies in the winter. You can make this without thinking about a recipe. The chopping and mixing is soothing, and I find that by the time I pop the tray into the oven, I’ve relaxed, my mind has relaxed and I’m ready to jump into the fray.

You know my fondness for roasted vegetables.  Okay, fondness might be misleading, obsession is closer to the truth.  Now that the cooler temps have arrived this obsessive compulsion has kicked into overdrive.  The morning checklist often starts with coffee….check, feed the cat……check, turn on the oven……check.  Wait, what am I cooking? Oh, right, nothing yet, haven’t made it to the store to buy the next cache of veggies.  Turn off the oven…..check.  There are very few things left in the veggie aisle of the local market that haven’t made their way into my oven.  Well, artichokes haven’t, and radish.  (I did have braised radish this summer, what a revelation!) But every manner of squash, bean, and root have.  Along with fruit.  All kinds of fruit.  Apples of course, and I’m currently in love with roasted citrus.  But this is about roasted butternut, apples and onions.


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