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A salad.  Everyone knows how to make a salad, so why do I think you might be interested in this one?  Well, first of all, because it’s good.  Really good. Second, it has Green Goddess dressing on it, which, if you’ve never had it you might want to try.  Third, it’s a riff on contrasts, color, texture, temperature.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve eaten your fair share of salads.  We’re always trying eat healthier, or justify having that chocolate cupcake.  When eating a salad I seem to alternate between “this is so good” and “wait, what did I just eat?”.  I promise that this is one that you’ll remember eating, and will want to eat again.  I’ve had beef filet salads before.  They’ve always had blue cheese in them, the beef was too done for me, and the dressings always seemed either too goopy or too vinegary.  If I do say so myself, this Green Goddess dressing is an inspired choice.  It has enough substance to stick to the ingredients, and enough fluidity to become part of them.  It’s fresh and herby, soft and sharp all at once.  I’m planning on having it again for lunch.  I’m also wondering what else I can use this dressing on. There’s no doubt that I’ll run out of dressing before I run out of choices to put it on.


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