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Humble, homey mashed sweet potatoes.  Nothing swoon-worthy or earth shaking there.  Several people I know, including myself, have banned the canned, syrupy pieces covered in more sugar (of various forms), butter, and encased in either mini or giant nightmare making marshmallows.  Stay-puft marshmallow man anyone?  While that casserole bubbles and melts, getting gooey and browned, the thought of it makes my teeth ache while shivers start making their way down my body. Waaaaay too sweet! I know it’s traditional on so many tables, but not on mine anymore.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love sweet potatoes.  I like them just baked, split open and butter melting into it.  I like them pureed and crafted into soup with melted swiss cheese croutons floating on it.  I like them mashed.  Just like this.  This recipe started when I went looking for other sweet potato recipes.  I saw several sweet potato and banana casserole things, a couple of mashed with banana but the proportions seemed way off for my taste.  Then I stumbled on Adam Perry Lang’s recipe.  People were raving about it.  Apparently he wouldn’t give the recipe out for many years, nor would he hint as to his secret formula.  Then he decided to write a cookbook called Serious Barbecue.  It’s a seriously good cookbook that everyone should own.  But wonders of all, his sweet potato recipe was included.  There was dancing in the streets from what I hear.  So I took a look.  And there in front of me was a recipe that I could work with.  I knew right away that I’d be changing things around but he gave me a basis to work off of.  The man is a genius.  Thank you APL.  Now I have a recipe that people are loving.  A recipe that makes people who think they don’t like sweet potatoes go back for second helpings (I’m looking at you, Liv).  A recipe that makes people say “I’ve never really liked sweet potatoes, but I like these!”


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