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This is going to be a quick post, and really up until a few hours ago I didn’t think it would be a post at all.  I could show you some pictures, but in all honesty they’re not that pretty.  I could just give you the recipe, it’s not difficult.  But there wasn’t anything to really tie it together and make it feel like it had some substance, a story.  Now it has a little one.  My friend Lauren works out with me a couple days of the week, and inevitably we end up talking about food, what to eat tonight, or “you’re kidding me, you’re so not eating that tonight!”, what we’re cooking and how to cook it.  And what’s coming up on the blog.  As we know here from previous posts that I went on hard-shelled squash rampage, gathering as many as I could shove into the car.  I know….what was I thinking? Who can tell, but the upshot of all this, is that I’m working my way through all those squash things and I’ve talked about it so much that my friends now are thinking ‘What’s for dinner”  “Why squash is for dinner!”  I’m sorry guys, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.  I’ve been telling Lauren about this carnival squash that I’m going to fill with a savory bread pudding filling and bake.  I thought it would be yummy and creamy, maybe a bit cheesy, definitely savory.  She’s been giving me the wrinkled nose faces and then the mulling it over faces, and now the seriously thinking about faces combined with suggestions and questions!  Yeah….finally.  I’m on my way back from an art opening and I get texted from Lauren,(LT) “So if I try this squash thing, and cook it with buffalo and sausage like we talked about (I remember talking about adding sausage, thought it was a good idea.  I’m a little fuzzy on the buffalo thing.) does it matter what kind of squash I use?”  MT (my text) Try using an acorn style squash.  Spaghetti and butternut wouldn’t really work for this.  Also squash will be done if it’s soft when you poke it gently but it doesn’t collapse on itself.  LT “Hmmmmmm..ok.  Here we go 🙂  Cook at 450? ” MT “NO! 350 TO 375.”  LT (so cute!) “Oh…Golly…450 is way to hot”   MT “Ya Think?”  LT “I guess”   MT “You’ll do fine, will take at least an hour to cook”.  LT “Good to know, Thanks!”

So hours go by, no more texts.  She’s got under control.  Finally, I couldn’t stand it.  I had to know what happened with the darn squash!   MT “How did you do”    LT “Still cooking, damn.  Almost done”   I leave her to finish her meal and relax, figuring it’s just fine.  I get the next text, with a picture from her phone, of a stuffed squash on a plate by itself in weird lighting..lol.  Text is this:   “Looks gross, but tastes good!” If it tastes good, she did great!  That would be the hard part, getting everything seasoned and melded together to make something that tastes good.  But here’s the thing we all have to remember:


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