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I’m in crisis mode.  The farmer’s markets are ending for the year here in Denver, and that always sends me into a mild panic.  I’ve settled into the rhythm of early Saturday mornings with my friend at the farmer’s market.  The day just starting, before the crowds, leisurely selecting what will be cooked and consumed for the next several days.  There is something very primal and grounding watching the growing season unfold before you.  We get excited seeing our favorite varieties appear and try not to be greedy, knowing that they’ll soon be gone for another year.  There’s only 1 or 2 more early Saturday mornings of sleepy driving, coffee, and wandering the booths selecting my dinner.  I find myself buying two of everything, trying to cram and stuff it all in before it’s gone. Last week I had to go back to the car to drop things off because it was too heavy to carry.  I’ll probably do the same thing this Saturday.  I can’t help it.  I know the stores will have fruit and produce but it’s not the same.  Anxious.  I get anxious.  Which brings me to this.  A lovely, beyond easy, delicious way to use some of my compulsive behavior’s bounty.  What is a galette?  It depends on what country you’re in.  Here, and to me, it’s a kind of freeform, flaky pastry filled with either sweet or savory ingredients.  Today, this is the one I’m having.


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