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Gozleme or Turkish Zucchini Cakes.  At least, according to Bert Greene.  And Bert has never steered me wrong before.  If you’re not familiar with Bert Greene, there’s no better time to get acquainted.  The late Bert Greene was a much admired cookbook author and food columnist.  Each of his books have won an IACP Cookbook Award and are still available, especially my favorite, Greene on Greens.  Covering only vegetables, Greene on Greens always has a surprising or inspiring recipe to get you looking at your veggies in a whole new light.  With Colorado’s produce season in full swing, I think we’ll be visiting Mr. Greene’s book often.  So, back to the gozleme.  These really are almost a fritter, but more dense and not deep fried.  The flavor is subtle, definitely exotic, and might be just thing to get non-zucchini people eating zucchini.


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